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Happy Horse - Fat Attack

Happy Horse - Fat Attack

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Herbal & Phyto nutritional aid for managing metabolically challenged and fat horses.
Fat Attack has been developed and tested in the field for a couple of years now, with loads of research and tweaking going into it… and the results have been amazing!
Some have been a welcome surprise, such as significant reduction of appetite reported in some horses, indicating it may also be having an impact on leptin sensitivity.

Contains herbs renowned for:

• Appetite reduction
• Improving fat metabolism
• Helping regulate insulin
• Reducing blood glucose level
• Supporting metabolism and immune response
• Balancing hormones
• Improving circulation (body and hooves)
• Reducing stress hormones being released
• Targeting adipose tissue, crestiness and burning fat

• Providing antioxidants and phytonutrients

How long does a bag (800g)last?
Full Dose ~ approx. 1 month 250kg Pony / 2 weeks 500kg Horse
Maintenance Dose ~ approx. 2 months 250kg Pony / 1 month 500kg Horse
Customer Reviews
’‘I started my 7yr old QH on Fat Attack approx. 1 month ago. He has always been obnoxious and mouthy, plus as he’s matured he’s become a very solid built boy on very little feed. Over the last month I have seen a different horse in the herd, he is no longer trying to mouth everything, he is calmer and affectionate plus he doesn’t look so chunky. Fat Attack is all I have changed and he is feeling so much better in himself, he is a pleasure to be around and I can be more relaxed around him which is so great. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to support our relationship and soothe his system so he can be more relaxed in his own skin. 💜’’
Melissa H
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